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Rincon de la Vieja Volcano & National Park

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Conquer The Volcano
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Conquer The Volcano®
May 3 - 7, 2012

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"Where is Conquer The Volcano?

Liberia, Rincon' de la Viejo National Park, Costa Rica.


"Do I need to sign up with a Conquer The Volcano non-profit organization (.ORG Partner) to participate?"

YES! The Canadian Diabetes Association is an official 2012 non-profit partner for Conquer The Volcano! Please click here and visit our .ORG Partner page and please don't forget to register for our FREE newsletter. There is NO obligation, just information.


"The hike at Rincon de la Vieja Volcano is diverse and challenging. Can I do this?"

YES! With Conquer The Volcano, there is something for everyone.

The Walking Connection has developed Conquer The Canyon and Conquer The Volcano to accommodate walkers and hikers with varied interests and abilities. We also have created a multi-week physical training and preparedness program to help prepare you for your adventure.


"How long are the hikes and how will I know which one is right for me?"

The choice is yours. We'll help you every step of the way. Our hikes will follow the Summit Trail and you can choose the hiking time and distance that is best for you. Your Team Diabetesiabetes Coach and The Walking Connection will provide you information and ongoing support so that you select and properly train for the perfect hike for you.


"I'm not a hiker, can I do this?"

ABSOLUTELY! All you have to do is engage yourself into the training and preparedness portion of the program. You can do this by simply following the online training schedule and preparedness manuals provided, read your newsletters, participate in the blogs, Facebook and Twitter postings during your training. When you arrive in Costa Rica, bring an open mind and spirit of adventure, and follow the lead of your EXPERT Walking Connection Costa Rican guide. We will help you every step of the way.


"I'm an experienced hiker, will I be challenged?"

Definitely! The summit trail is a full day challenging hike for even the best trained athletes. Your guides will lead and set the pace based upon the interests, fitness and technical abilities of each small group. We will get you on a trail and hike that will meet your adventurous spirit and challenge you. We want you to test your endurance and your ability to deal with a variety of new and different environmental conditions. Following your training schedule and preparedness manual will be critical to your success.


"Do I need special equipment and what should I bring?"

You do not need any special equipment. Depending upon where you live, the equipment you use to train will be more than enough for your Conquer The Volcano hike. In fact, it may be too much. In addition to your adventuresome spirit, you'll need sturdy hiking boots, a good day pack, light hiking shorts and moisture wicking T-Shirts! We'll explain in detail EXACTLY what you will and won't need once you have joined Conquer The Volcano.


"Is Conquer The Volcano Wheelchair Accessible? NO!

The hike at Conquer The Volcano is not currently accessible to disabled participants. However the grounds of the host property is fully accessible.

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